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Cricket, once the game of the nobility, is now universally acclaimed as an international sport which gives pleasure to millions all over the world and has become the livelihood of many a talented youngster's.

Rajasthan Colts was established to promote the game of cricket in Rajasthan and from the date of its established the club is very active in achieving the objects and has earned a good reputation in the cricket field.


" Rajasthan Colts Cricket Club is to foster the game of cricket and become a leading Cricket Club of Rajasthan. Our Mission is to become a force first within the state and then the whole country by setting new levels of professionalism in all aspects of the game on and off the field."


  • Strong Leadership
  • Positive aggressive cricket
  • Hard and fair
  • Taking the initiative
  • Committed to win
  • Team comes first
  • Professional preparation, both physical and mental.
  • Respect
  • Your opponents
  • Your captain, coach and team
  • The role of the Umpires
  • The traditional values of cricket
  • Your club by attending all Club functions


  • Ultimate goal is to produce players for the state and national team.
  • Specific Goal to produce players for the Rajasthan State seniors team with the ultimate aim of having at least two players in the senior team each year.
  • To have a least two new players play domestic cricket during the season.
  • To develop at least five young players that achieve representation level in state squads during the season.
  • To win the Club Championship.
  • To win the A, B, C division league
  • To retain our senior and junior players
  • To elevate players to the next level of performance for them personally –– including State representation

organise tours both overseas,domestic and coaching assignments in overseas cricket acadmeies during the off season or just prior to the season., entertain all overseas team for games against our club as per the strength.


  • To develop a culture of continual improvement -from individuals and club.
  • To develop good sportsmanship by all our players, officials & spectators and develop pride in the club by all our players.
  • To provide opportunity to budding cricketers to widen their horizons by arranging overseas cricket tours
  • To liaise with both Local and State governments in promoting cricket and providing suitable facilities for the playing of cricket.
  • To provide suitable training for our umpires, coaches (at all levels) and administrators.
  • To continuously improve the level of our off field presentation by way of audio visual shows, clubroom activities, symposiums and seminars, motivational talks by renowned sports persons, etc. This is to give the inputs on the game's law and other finer points.
  • To lent services of talented players of our club to play for other clubs, district teams.
  • To provide the best pitches and practice facilities possible
  • To provide professional and technical assistance to other institutions, districts, communities & clubs in the field of umpiring, coaching, organising tournaments etc. .
  • To identify potential junior players by conducting the Primary level competition in Jaipur and to develop links with the Schools in Jaipur and assist with developing school competitions.
  • To promote a women’s team at senior and junior levels.
  • To be financially viable and generally able to improve our facilities over time.
  • To increase our membership by enjoying the successes of the club and providing a positive social atmosphere.
  • To recognise the efforts of our volunteers.

Overseas Tours

This international exposure to our young and budding cricketers of our state/district shall definitely contribute to improving their playing standards. A tough competition against some international players and many county playing cricketers shall add to the confidence of our enthusiastic players. IT IS SAID "SEEING IS LEARNING" BUT IN CRICKET TI IS "PLAYING AND LEARNING".

The aim behind our tours is to play the game in the toughest conditions said to be most perfect in the world of Cricket. For all the players joining us on our tours it shall be a " DREAM COMETRUE" These tours are being organised in the off season which shall definitely act as a pre paratory camp for all the players looking forward to represent Rajasthan and would certainly give the much needed thrust and confidence and also keep their moral high.

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